It’s About Confidence

Sep 28 2015 Published by under Blog, Uncategorized

O.K., let’s face it… I have a weight problem.  I am working harder than ever to be healthy for me and for my three beautiful girls.  I have at various times in my life been totally o.k. with who I am and have been totally disgusted with myself!  Today I know that I accept myself, I love who I am as a person and at the same time, I need to continue to work on the issue at hand.  My health.  As for looks, I think I look pretty darn good considering.  And as I talk to others who have a weight problem and try to encourage them they usually say something like this… “but you just carry yourself so well”… I hope so, and this is how I am able to do so.  Confidence.  Plain, simple confidence.  My confidence isn’t denial about my weight, it is the knowing that “I am smart, I am kind and I am inportant” (The Help).  I am the best me I can be and if someone has a problem with me it is THEIR problem.   I think I’ll make some buttons for a reminder to me and for all my friends who need a reminder. here, wear this

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