Sir Pees and Typical

Jan 27 2010 Published by under Blog

It is snowing!!!  I am tucked away in McCall, Idaho and loving that I have nothing to do but prepare meals and read.  How did I get so lucky.  I even took a nap today.  Ok, I began a great nap.  Sarah (my youngest twin and the self proclaimed baby of the family) woke me up after about 20 minutes of bliss to ask if she could go visit a friend.  She thought that would be a good way to not bother me.  hmmm.

The whole family went skiing today except me.  I do not like anything about skiing.  I especially do not like being cold and racing down a hill with two sticks clamped to uncomfortable (and unstylish) boots does nothing for me.  So Rachel’s dog, Sir PeesAlot, and I stayed home.  His name started out as Peanut Butter (color thing) shortened to Peanut (size thing) then to Pee (yes, you got it) and then when we want to yell at him and he did not have a long enough name to make it sound serious (you know like James Thomas Johnson!) we had to add on.   So, Sir PeesAlot and me had the morning to ourselves.  We went for several walks so he would not do his name thing in the condo and then he curled on my lap just to make sure I didn’t leave him too.  It was wonderful to just “be” and not to be “doing”.  Try that sometime.

My hubby, let’s call him “typical” just woke up from his nap (Sarah knows better than wake him) and comes from the bedroom, where I usually keep my clothes, to ask me “do you know where my sweater is”.  Let’s see,  maybe the bedroom where he keeps his clothes also.  Bingo, surprisingly enough that is exactly where he found it.  So now all is well again in his world other than him glancing toward the kitchen which is man language for “I don’t smell dinner cooking”, so he must be getting hungry.  Napping always does that for me too.

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