June 2010

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I love words.  I have always had favorite words and favorite quotes.  I love the way words can be put together to form a thought or make a statement.  I love playing with words and drawing on their ability to convey how I feel.  Some of my favorite words are actually more a sense of home than the words themselves.  “Shenandoah”.  It brings a mental picture that 10,000 words could not express.  I can smell it, see the misty fog and hear the distinct accents of the people who dwell there.  Those people who are so unaware that the syllables they pronounce are music to my ears.  I’ve been gone so long now from my home that I am aware of the wonder of it.  Other words offer smiles of pure fun.  I can’t say popcorn with being happy.  Can you imagine a better word for “shenanigans” than “shenanigans”?

As much as I love words, hearing and saying them… I love that some words aren’t just words.  At Employers Resource we have core values that all of you prove every day aren’t just words, they’re actions.  That’s so very incredible to me.  I love that we “walk the walk” as well as “talk the talk”.  Now as summer slowly creeps across the country (don’t get me started on global warming) I think of one particular core value…  Have Fun!  Remember to take time at work to have fun and make it fun for others.  I have met lots of clients in the last month, and I had great fun with them.  They love it, it makes us real and makes us friends.  So go on now….  take this season of fun and have some, you’re going to thank me for it!


Mary D. Gersema, CPP

Chief Operations Officer

Employers Resource



“To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.” – Donald A. Adams

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