September 2009

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Sept 2009

Change is Good, You Go First

Oh my gosh, a change of season is coming and for the first time ever, I’m ready for it – and yet there’s a feeling of bitter sweet about it.  I hope you are all wrapping up the best summer ever.  My Rachel goes to High School for the first time this year.  She and I are both kind of nervous.

This year is the first time we go through annual enrollment with a full and STRONG team of client service professionals as well as a Director of Payroll Operations to help with the branch side of things.

This September we will have our first ever Office Manager training in Boise, complete with hands-on computer learning.  How exciting to use our new training room for this event.

Everytime I experience a first I have at least a little case of jitters, don’t you?  Whether it is anticipated eagerly or not, it’s just natural to have heightened awareness when doing something for the first time.  Our clients experience that also.  That’s why it is so important to stick close to them every time they have a “first” at Employers Resource: first payroll, first benefit enrollment, first payroll invoice, first time benefits are deducted from an employee’s check, first W/C claim, first annual enrollment, etc.

Would you do our clients and me a favor?  At your next huddle ask the team “what ‘firsts’ do our clients have that our team is responsible for” – and then come up with ways to be right there beside them every step of the way.  An example might be to have Client Service deliver the first payroll.  I want to hear back from you via e-mail what you came up with; we’ll share what we can to other areas so they and their clients can benefit as well.  In addition, there will be a prize to the team coming up with the most comprehensive list of “firsts” our clients have with us.  Get you list together and get it to me, and maybe try to “be first.”

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