January 2010

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January 2010

Under Every Cushion

Have you ever found money in a pocket of your jeans or the back of an old handbag?  Have you ever actually been in a position where you looked for coins in your sofa cushions and between your car seats?  Me too, and when I found some… awwhhh, I love that!  Now I am looking for coins in the company and I need your help as we have lots of pockets and sofa cushions and I can’t get to all of them.  This year is going to require that we all be sticking our hands down between those cushions and putting all the coins we find in the “piggy bank”.

When I ask people this question I get very valuable information:  “What do you see us spending money on that makes you go hmmmm?”  So now I’m asking you to ask yourself that question as you go about your daily work.  It does not matter if it is your own department or not.  If you see us “dropping coins” please bring it to my attention.  Also, please remember to purchase based on value (where price and quality intersect).

Sorry this article this is so short, but I have some cushions to go look under.

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