February 2010

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February 2010:

Making My Heart Happy

The heart has long been associated with the soul, love and happiness.  We speak of doing something “to our heart’s content”, of loving “with all our heart” and of having “broken hearts” when things go very badly.  This month I have some of all of that and a client service story of a local company who “made my heart happy” when they went above and beyond.

We have been using our PayPlus system for over 20 years now.  In the IT world it is beyond antiquated.  I have loved being associated with this software as it not only has great people that I have been friends with for years.  It has gotten the job done everyday for a very long time.  We have waited for over 5 years for the new and improved upgrade from PayPlus to PeopleHQ and have sadly come to the realization that the PeopleHQ dream probably won’t come true, at least in the way we envisioned.  This was heartbreaking because we had poured much sweat, tears and money into it.  Out of that heartbreak came hope as I  went to Pasco, Washington with a group of very talented people (many of whom I’ve been PayPlus friends with for years) and we got to dream again of “what may be” as a result of our hard work and determination to have the best software available for the PEO industry.  We were able to come together and work through issues and have resolution and a plan that will require we work with all our hearts and I am sure the results will make many hearts happy.

Leaving Boise for Pasco with a “happy heart” came as a result of taking my car to the Phillips station on Overland Road near Cole to fill up with Ethanol-free gas and to have my car cleaned for the trip.  This is the only place I go to get gas or have my car washed.  They have this location and the one in Meridian on Fairview just west of Locust Grove.  I recommend them highly.  Back to the car wash story.  My car has a weird kind of cup holder and I always push it in before I give the car to them so it doesn’t get broken.  When I got my car the cup holder was out and would not stay in so I was not too happy.  I talked to Joe, the manager on duty and he asked if I would wait until the next day to see if it was just damp inside and once dry would work.  I agreed and the next day it still would not work properly so I called the owner, Dave and explained the situation.  He asked if I could take the car to the Meridian location so their maintenance guy could look at it.  I explained that it was pretty far out of my way as I picked up my kids by the mall and lived almost in Kuna.  He asked if he could call right back.  When he called back he told me he had made arrangements for the maintenance man to come to the Overland location just after my kids were out of school.  I was thrilled!  I picked the girls up and went straight there.  They met me immediately, took the car into the shop and fixed the cup holder.  I am a renewed fan and this is the kind of service I want us to provide to our clients.  Just like Dave did at Ultra-Touch Car Wash, I want you to make the lives of our clients easier so they will be renewed fans.

And, I hope you got lots of love from your special peeps on Valentine’s Day.  My girls and I all got beautiful bouquets from George.  My daughters were thrilled that Daddy remembered them with flowers they felt “loved with all of his heart”.  I wish you all love and joy as we move forward in 2010.

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