You go 15 years and what do you get?

May 10 2024 Published by under Uncategorized

It’s hard to imagine that 15 years ago last month I wrote about my nephew and his heroin addiction . This week evil won and my leap year baby is finally “clean”.

Clean being that he will no longer have to steal, rob, deal or whatever he did for the money. No more needles. No more cooking that crap that has a smell all its own. No more having people (sadly including me) look at him like he was a piece of garbage.

I pray that he made peace with Jesus before that last hit. I pray that his mother will find peace in fighting addiction by becoming active in organizations where she can share his story. I pray his nieces and nephews look at his life and conclude they will never be an addict. I pray my Mama in Heaven knows I ensured her grandson is out of pain and that her money paid for his dignity at the end.


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