Who am I

Jul 05 2010 Published by under Blog

I am a confident, loving, beautiful and self-respectin’ woman.  I was born this way and will do all I can to go out the same way.  My mission is to lift-up, encourage and inspire truth, self-worth and happiness in myself and others.  This mission came about as a result of all that has happened to me AND through a process called Focus.  I attended Focus training at one of the darkest times of my life.  I did not feel loved or worthy and happiness had been elusive.  The process gave me the opportunity to work through my “stuff” in a loving, safe environment.  Focus was a rock in the storm of life and I am grateful that someone loved me enough to continue to encourage me to attend.  I had put it off in part because my Christian faith told me I didn’t need anything but God.  I found God in deeper ways at Focus through the committed Christians who are a part of it than I had in church in a long time.  Do I still attend church?  Absolutely!  And always will to worship with my family of fellow believers.  Now I see that Focus is not in conflict with my faith, rather it is in concert with.  I tell people now that life had happened to me as it does to everyone and that every time life threw hurt my way I added to the Plexiglas shield I had built around me.  It continued to get thicker until love couldn’t get through anymore and my view of the world was very distorted.  Through hard work and determination to be healthy using the Focus process I allowed myself to tear down that shield and the results were incredible.  People were asking me if I was using new moisturizer because I looked so healthy.  It was then I realized that the shield had not only distorted how I viewed the world but also how the world viewed me.  I was more approachable and more trusted and was able to trust and love again in ways I thought were gone forever.  I am very proud to now be a part of Focus as a training assistant and by keeping in communication with my Focus community.

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